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A Techno mix I did; one I quite like

140 BPM

Messing around with some downtempo

Couple of mixes – one from last night, one from today – in the lower BPMs. I found all of the tunes on Bandcamp for free, from the ‘dub’ section, by adding the tag ‘free’ to the filters. They’re not exactly Dub but they’re in that corner of the shop.

105 BPM
100 BPM

Traktor Mapping: Tempo Sync on the Kontrol S3

I prefer to use Tempo Sync, rather than Beat Sync, in Traktor when I DJ. It just feels more satisfying to beat-match by hand. Here’s a table to show you what to set the Controller Mapping in Traktor to let you press the SYNC button to match the tempo of that deck to the master tempo, without turning on Beat Sync.

UPDATE: There’s a problem with this setup in that you need to press deck select A and C (separately, not together) when you start up Traktor, and turn off any SYNC states of the decks on the computer to remove any beat syncing they might introduce. Pressing A and C is required to set Mod 1’s value to 1, which the setup needs to work properly. I’ll work on this.

ControlI/OAssignmentModeMapped toCond1Value
Tempo SyncInDeck ATriggerLeft.SyncM1=1
Tempo SyncInDeck BTriggerRight.SyncM3=1
Tempo SyncInDeck CTriggerLeft.SyncM2=1
Tempo SyncInDeck DTriggerLeft.SyncM4=1
Modifier #1InGlobalDirectLeft.Deck Select.A1
Modifier #2InGlobalDirectLeft.Deck Select.A0
Modifier #1InGlobalDirectLeft.Deck Select.C0
Modifier #2InGlobalDirectLeft.Deck Select.C1
Modifier #3InGlobalDirectRight.Deck Select.B1
Modifier #4InGlobalDirectRight.Deck Select.B0
Modifier #3InGlobalDirectRight.Deck Select.D0
Modifier #4InGlobalDirectRight.Deck Select.D1

Make sure none of your Modifier settings Override factory map (turn it off for each) and that all of your Tempo Sync settings do override it (keep it on).