Saturday night reading

What’s this I’ve invented?

Answers in the comments!

A Techno mix I did; one I quite like

140 BPM

Conflation is rife these days.

Zavala’s nice

Sometimes you run into an app that you just click with (pun in quantum state of intention) immediately. Fancy a free alternative to OmniOutliner that does the basics well? Zavala.

Something to read appears to be a great source of new reading if you like blogs. I like blogs. I like Ray too, because he made it.

Not bricks, not smart

I know it’s Twitter but click through because there are a tonne of cool looking phones in the thread and its replies.

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Can’t resist posting this classic trance tune.

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Messing around with some downtempo

Couple of mixes – one from last night, one from today – in the lower BPMs. I found all of the tunes on Bandcamp for free, from the ‘dub’ section, by adding the tag ‘free’ to the filters. They’re not exactly Dub but they’re in that corner of the shop.

105 BPM
100 BPM